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noticed something strange on my AAL73 flight regarding PFD issue i want to share

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I had some nasty stability issues in the last weeks, without touching anything during flight. That's the main reason i had crossed

the pacific ocean more than a dozen times. Sometimes i just tried to. This issues seem to be solved meanwhile. Looks like they were

net.-framework related.


On my yesterdays leg i had enough time to waste some thoughts on the PFD crash issue. I knew it never happened on ground to me

when departing and even not after landing. The trigger has to be something that happens enroute.


I looked at the PFD, saw the past flighttime since departure (+10 hours inflight) Could it be time related i wondered?


I was at FL360 (autostepping from initial level 300) inbound Norfolk VOR meanwhile, I looked into the upper right corner of the PFD. What if this trigger is flightlevel related?

A good chance to test it, so I stepped down in 1000ft steps.


FL350 popup CPT PFD nothing happened 

FL340 popup CPT PFD nothing happened 

FL330 popup CPT PFD nothing happened


Unintentionally i let the PFD zoomed when i descended to FL320 (mouse was still "parked" over the PFD)


When the digits reached exactly 32.000 the complete screen turned into white and the "blue ring of wait" appeared over the PFD. I thought the sim would quit in some seconds

but it recovered. :P Maybe because the captains PFD was already zoomed before reaching FL320?  


That could be also the reason why some never had experienced it. If your initial climb level ist above this value because you are flying a shorter leg, you won't have any chance to popup PFD

when in cruise at FL320.  :wink:


Maybe some of you would like to reproduce this. I'll definitely will do this flight again soon and check if this issue actually is really being flightlevel related. Maybe it's nothing but i think this should be ruled out. That event was so exactly at 32.000 that i don't believe in coincidence.


my testbed:


W7 SP1 64bit, P3Dv3 actual release

netframework 4.6.2 (only)

MS ESP Sim Connect v1.0.20.0 

3 simconnect FSX clients

VisualC ++ 2010 x86 10.0.40219

Visual C ++2013 x86/x64 12.0.30501

I5 2500k/ Z68 asus board/Nvidia 375.70 /ASUS 1080 GTX

ASNext actual release (networked as ivap)

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