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Calling SDKs C functions from lua script

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Hello everyone interested by this developpers topic, specially LINDA's :hi:
I would like to know if it will be, or how it's, possible from LINDA lua script to call
C SDK addons functions directly by using the lua ffi library (luaJIT) ?
Maybe it's already possible with the LINDA lua editor. I'am not an expert with it. Tried but the ffi library is not loaded or not include and it's throw a nil exception.

this simple lua script works in IDE like ZeroBrane studio. It calls LevelD 767 SDK functions directly. This is really handy:

local ffi = require("ffi")
long LVLDSession(int action, int version);
long SendLVLDCommand(int action, int value);

name = "D:\\Program Files (x86)\\ZeroBraneStd\\myprograms\\LVLDSDK"
clib = ffi.load(name)
result = clib.LVLDSession(1, 202) -- open LVLDSDK Session
result = clib.SendLVLDCommand(32,1); -- send command OVRD LIGHT ON
result = clib.LVLDSession(0, 202) -- close LVLDSDK Session
print("LVLDSession return:" .. result)

any help appreciate


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