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Compatibility with 2D cockpits

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I'd like to use ChasePlane when flying with a 2D cockpit, but it doesn't work correctly for me. (Obviously, it doesn't make sense to use ChasePlane inside the 2D cockpit, but I'd like to use it for outside views.)
When I switch from the 2D cockpit to an outside view (using the ChasePlane interface) and then back again (using the menu entry Views / View Mode / Cockpit / Cockpit), I find that the viewpoint of the 2D cockpit is offset from the correct position by about 10 or 20 meters. Once this happens, I haven't found a way to reset the 2D cockpit viewpoint to the correct position.
Here are some screenshots that demonstrate this issue (with the Majestic Q400):

First, the initial view from the 2D cockpit with the correct viewpoint:




Next, the view after switching to an outside view using ChasePlane and then back again:




Note how the viewpoint is displaced forward and to the left. (The position of the aircraft has not changed.)


Finally, here's what I get at this point when I look back and to the right in the 2D cockpit (Shift Numpad 3):




Note how the view is obviously displaced outside the virtual cockpit (which the Q400 displays when a view direction other than forwards is selected in the 2D cockpit).


I've observed a similar effect with the FSLabs A320, though with this aircraft, the viewpoint is displaced upwards.
I realize that as a 2D cockpit user, I'm probably in a small minority, but I would be grateful if this could be made to work, as I really like the control that ChasePlane gives me over outside views.
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