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ASUS GL552VX (i7 6700HQ) Performance in P3D

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A majority of problem simmers face today is hardware compatibility and performance issues.Picking the right hardware is crucial for enhanced simulation performance.I'll be addressing the hardware that i'm using and how it performs in P3D v3. First off,My LAPTOP SPECS.

CPU: Intel Core i7 6700HQ (Stock 2.60GHz,usually runs at 3.06GHz)

GPU:Nvidia GTX 950M 4GB



Now i admit,this is not a high/extreme 60fps simming machine.However,i have different opinions on it.P3D works fantastic for a laptop for the price range.I'm kind of new to P3D So i might be missing something here.But i will give my experience with the i7 6700HQ along with GTX 950M,so others who picking up this laptop or similar ones can expect what to get.Now i have the hardware out of the way,i'll go to the programs and Add-ons i used specifically for the purpose of this forum

1.Prepar3d (Ofcourse)

2.PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II V3

3.Aerosoft Airbus A320 

4.GSX-Ground services X

5.Flytampa Dubai Rebooted

6.Nvidia Profile Inspector

Before i go running to stats and all,i also want to present my P3D settings.Do keep in mind i do not have any additional tweaking programmes or addons other than mentioned and i have not made any changes to the P3D Configuration file.Here ya go

1.Graphics:Running 1080p,FXAA is off,MSAA is 4 samples,V-Sync is off,FPS Limiter is set unlimited,Texture filtering is set anisotropic 8x and Texture resolution is 4096x4096,Hardware Tessellation is enabled

2.Scenery: Level of detail radius is High,Tessellation factor is high,Mesh Resolution is 5m,Texture resolution 15m,Land detail textures enabled,Scenery objects is set all Very Dense,Water Detail is high,Special Effects set high

3.Lighting: NO CHANGES

4.Weather: Cloud draw distance set 100mi and are schematic

5.Traffic: There are absolutely no airline traffic or road vehichles,Just airport vehichles.

This might be the part where everyone came here for.The Results,im not going to bore you much, so here are my results

Aircraft 1:PMDG QOTS II (a)Virtual Cockpit  Min FPS:18.1   Average FPS:23.5   Max FPS:37.2

                                           (b)External View   Min FPS:26.2    Average FPS:38.2   Max FPS:51 


Aircraft 2:Aersosoft A320: Sorry the stats for this aircraft is unavailable.But a320 indeed works smoother and silkier than PMDG 747 QOTS II.

Note:The average Stats includes FPS during rotation/Cockpit movement both in and outside the airplane 

I hope i have helped in any manner although this might not be a good one.Comment if you have any question and also if you can give any tips on tweaking with great fps without compromising quality,it would make my life a lot easier.Also i wanted to upload pictures for you people but the images are well over 5MB and wont let me upload.Happy Flying :D


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