Infinite Inertia Cameras

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I have a proposal for a new feature to accompany the cinematic camera mode, although could include settings to add it to external, or even cockpit cameras, too.

The maximum inertia setting for any camera is 20 (unsure what units this is measured in but it is a hell of a lot when you try to move the view around). This can create really nice slow panning effects but obviously (very slowly) runs out of momentum and stops.

My suggestion is allowing this setting to be set further than 20, to a value represented by the infinite sign. Obviously, if the camera actually had infinite inertia you wouldn't be able to move it, but if it had infinite inertia slowing down, we would be able to set the camera moving at a constant, smooth speed, accelerating it as if it had default inertia, and then release whatever control key and have it maintain this velocity forever (until it is acted upon by another control key). It may be necessary to include a control to remove momentum from the camera too, but this would allow complete custom control of the cinematic camera, and to create fine-tuned panning effects in external cameras.


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