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Guest WindBeneathMyWings

SquawkBox3 Unable To Connect To Multiplayer

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Guest WindBeneathMyWings

Hello, I am about to go bonkers with this situation.. I am using squawkbox 3 and have been for ever and a day with VATSIM... Well recently the only thing I have done was disconnect my SBC Global DSL 2 Wire modem from the computer and plug it back in... Well since then I don't know what the heck happened but I can not use squawkbox at all... I am running Norton 2005 Antivirus & Firewall and the Modem has a built in router... I have ran the test through direct X and have read through the squawkbox forum and tried it all I think.. I have shut off my firewall and that was a no go, I also shut my router down to the lowest priority by just letting things pass through and that has not worked... I also replaced my FSUIPC... I have been up now for almost 24hrs fighting this thing and have done everything except throw the pc out the window :)'...What happenes is the screen on squawkbox 3 will pop up initializing etc and then I get a smaller box pop up that states it is unable to initiate a multiplayer connection. And then my whole pc locks up afterwards I have to do a reset to recover and re-boot...I Love flying on VATSIM and If I can not get squawkbox to work any longer could I use an alternate program if I can not get this thing to work? And will that alternate program be able to have as many models as squawkbox for displaying my planes? (Hate them oversized F-117 ? Mark planes)...Any help would be greatly appreciated... Happy Landings & Thanks, Josh

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