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Guest WindBeneathMyWings

Fellow Flight Simmers, Hello recently I had a situation that was a conflict between my Norton Firewall and my SBC Dsl 2 Wire modem which has a router in it... This is what happened to me... I was trying everything under the sun to try to correct my problem well when I exhausted all means which was shutting off the router uninstalling my Norton 2005 etc... I went through the DXDIAG and ran the tests etc and could not get direct play to run correctly through it's tests etc... I though well I guess I can try a sytem restore and see if that works to correct for maybe a change that the system made when It decided to get a mind of it's own... Word of advice If you have 2 Hard Drives make for darn sure you are running your flight sim on the opposite drive as the operating system is running on... Some how when I set it back seemed everything was peachy and gonna work but for some odd reason a windows sys 32 file got corrupted... And I put in the system disk to try and repair the file a number of times and tried to keep from throwing the chair through the window a number of times :) (litterally)...Well It didn't work and I think I was able to salvage some of my stuff by cracking the computer open and unplugging drives and doing some file swaps and switching stuff around... I don't know yet as I have just now got her back online and I am in the process of trying to work my way through the rubble... I do know this... I have my operating system operating on one drive now and my flight sim is as far away as I can keep it on a seperate drive from the operating system at this point well as soon as I get it re-installed... I hope to God I can get my stuff back I saved alot of my e-mails receipts that I received on my purchases and will be trying to work my way back to the way my flight sim was... I have invested alot in this thing and at this time I am in the air wishing I woulda checked the cowling for a bird nest in it but it's too late now... (ugh) Since I have been involved in the flight sim community I have had problems before and with some programs failing and the company Thank God had my info from my purchase still on file... I am gonna be pretty busy the next day or two hoping for a miracle or else I have lost it all. And I have been without work now for about 4 months and I am poor as a church mouse now. Happy Landings, JoshP.S. Learn from my experience if you haven't already... Even with technology as advanced as it is to this day it still FAILS!!!

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