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record flight time

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first off,let me apoligize if im in the wrong forum or not correctly signed in im still fairly new to the forums.i just build my new comp and moved my fltsim2004 to my new setup.burned everything on dvd and copied over.surprisingly everything work fine.today im flying the pss777lr from lax-jfk roughly 5 hrs flight time,had my sim on normal and the flt lasted about 2 hrs.checked to make sure i wasnt on 2x 4x etc and it wasnt.tried flts with the lvl-d 767,pmdg 737 600-400 and posky 757 and all made it in record time haha.checked my fs9 cfg,scn cfg and so on everything look fine but i could tell that fs2004 was running on acc mode.renamed my fs.cfg to build a new one on start up but no luck.did a complete reinstall again but still having the same problem,i also reset the defaults thru fs9 but still flying in 4x or better modeanybody have any thoughts i cant figure this outim runningfs9.1 xp pro sp2 asv 6 fs build 2.2dfi lanparty ut nf4 sli-dr 939 nforce4 sli atx amdcooler master centurian 532tr2tt cpu cooler2 western dig wd740gb 10,000 seriel ata150ocz 2 gb 184pin ddr sdramddr400antec tp 2-550amd athlon 64 x2 4400 toledo 1 ghz dual corem-audio 9900 sound cardevga 256-p2 geforce 7800gtx pci exp

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