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Guest jjeff1945

Stereo Sounds

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Guest jjeff1945

I have a question about the external stereo sounds on the engines of all my planes? I have managed to create a very well balanced stereo sounds for internal and external startup and complete engine sounds. Pannig works well on the internal sounds but the external stereo sounds is locked out at no panning of the left and right sounds. In other words to explain this is when I have engine # 1 left engine on I can hear it out of the left channel sound from behind my plane, but when I pan around to the front of my plane the sound does not pan to the right channel just stays in the left. There is panning for the weather and thunder in the external view and it works very good. Why not the external engine sounds. The Cfg sound files are correct in every way. Panning Cfg lines have no effect at all on the stereo location outside sounds what so ever. Please let me know if there is any new files availble to fix this problem. FS9 Should have done the sound cfg for this feature as they did for the weather sounds. Thank you for your time.

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