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Pilots Almeria airport scenery issue

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Hi I am wondering if anyone else has purchased the Pilots / Latinwings Almeria scenery and installed it into Prepar3d V4.2 and had problems with the scenery library. My problem is, after purchasing this scenery and extracting it then installing it as instructed most of my scenery library went missing. The scenery appeared to install all Ok and even looked great when testing it. However if I selected my scenery library to see where it was listed I had the following message flag up: Unable to open C:\Programdata\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3dv4\scenery.cfg for reading. Only one page was listed in my library when there are about 4, all my ORBX files were gone and if I selected an ORBX airport only the default one loaded. Also my addon GTX and Ultimate Traffic lists were missing from the addon tab. The only way I managed to salvage anything was to restore my PC to a time prior to installing the Almeria airport. Once this was done my scenery library and addon tab was reinstated.


Any ideas or if someone has uncounted a similar problem I would be grateful to hear from them.





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All sorted now, managed to overcome this by copying the original scenery.cfg file to a different location then installing the Almeria scenery. This as before annoyingly removed most of my reinstalled scenery (ORBX etc). Deleted this newly incorrect scenery.cfg file and replaced with my original. Restarted Pepar3d and manually installed the Almeria scenery from its installed location which I did a search for immediately after installing it and hey presto A|meria installed without losing any other scenery data. This is a work around of course as when I purchased this scenery it comes with a  self installing setup folder which should surely install everything correctly without the expense of losing other scenery. The scenery is sold by Pilots Software which I purchased through Sim Market, they only state that the software has to be extracted before installed.  

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