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The 757/767 dilemma

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Now, many devolopers of many companies had try to create the 757/767 range of aircrafts. And, I’m going to show you the little things that bugged me ever since I got the addon.

QW 757

Although the VC is decent, and the sounds are pretty good, there is one thing that irks me about the 757.

FMC is non-functional in VC. Although that’s not terrible, it does bug me a lot. Also, the model is good but the aircraft is okay, while the windows in the exterior can be improved texture-wise.

But one thing I HATE about this plane is how hard it is to get it working properly. It works perfectly with FS9 and FSX, but FSX:SE and P3D v4 compatibility is questionable. However, in my case the 757 works only up to FSX:SE. I have P3D v3 and P3D v4, so i assume that it won’t work as QW’s website mentions that x64 bit version of the game might muck up some of the gauge of the 757.

Level-D 767

My second favorite, the Level-D 767 is a very good aircraft in terms of functionality and looks. Although, textures are a bit blurry, but it is an old addon so I don’t expect too much. But another that bugs me is how terrible the overhead is. Although used mainly on FS9, I kinda wanted a overhead with 3D levers and switches. But that’s all I have to say for the 767.

Captainsim 757/767

Honestly, this is my least favorite because of how terrible the cockpit is. First of all, the coloring of the cockpit is incorrect, the autopilot control panel (MCP) is too big, and their 757 iii isn’t much better in my opinion. The modeling of the cockpit is terrible, and I wouldn’t even get this addon if it was for free, or if I had a pirated version. It’s that bad. All I have to say for this one.

Commercial Level Simulations 767

My personal favorite because of how good the cockpit is and the panel is excellent! Although some colors in the VC are little incorrect, I still love this addon because of how it blows out of the water of the other addons. To me, it’s comparable to the QW757. BUT, if QW released a update for the 757 to work in P3D v4 , I would pick it up. But, the CLS  767 is the best because, the cockpit modeling is great. Now one MAJOR downside is that the FMC is not a full FMC. But, it can be fixed with another addon, the Integrated Simavionics. It can be found on simmarket. Here’s the link: So, if you have this addon, which I do, you can get a full FMC and a great plane! But two little downsides are CLS’s sounds, and the lack of 757 models and freighter models. CLS’s sounds aren’t terrible, but you can tell that they’re old because of the weird effects they give off. Also, the lack of different models isn’t too bad for me, but for other people it might be bad. That’s why I take freeware models, say ProjectOpenSky 757, then I merge the cockpit with the POSKY 757, and boom I have a 757! Some people don’t like doing this for every single model, but honestly I have enough time on my hands so I can get some POSKY stuff.

So that’s my honest opinion on these aircrafts, now I know FF 757/767 is out, but I’m not a xplane fan, so I really don’t care. 


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