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Hello y'all !

The problem: 'Left wing always shows the aileron in the down position and the right wing always show the aileron in the up position (left turn)'

This issue seems to be with the views only because the ailerons are not actually stuck, the aircraft flying qualities are correct then again every time one looks out the windows the ailerons views kill the joy. I may be late to the game but this is a first with Carenado, they are usually pretty good with the textures and such. Currently own the PA42 Cheyenne III, the 525A Citation CJ2 and the PA46T Malibu Jetprop too and they all look good and function correctly in a Windows 7 fairly capable machine running the FSX Steam Edition.

I contacted Carenado support and they opened a ticket but their solution is to uninstall and reinstall the aircraft which I did without luck, the issue remains. The only use for this aircraft is night time flying so the wings are hard to see. If this was a $15.00 airplane it would probably be ok, at any rate that would probably be like 2 single malts but still not acceptable and even less at about $38.00, I certainly do not plan on buying anything else from them if I cannot get this fixed. I'm lost at this point perhaps I am doing something wrong, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much in advance and happy flying !

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Posted (edited)

UPDATE: Unable to figured it out I contacted Carenado and they replaced that aircraft with another, now the TBM850 which is working perfectly and it's definitely a beautiful machine. They do have great customer service. Another happy customer !

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