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Guest brillo

Specific questions and general concepts about mesh

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Guest brillo

Recently in South Africa. Wonderful people. Difficult issues. Often called "ZA", like "OZ" in Australia, but turned around. In Dutch, south is "zud." ZA is a BIG country. World Cup 2010 will be huge for the whole continent...I want ZA mesh, but I only want some of it. In "Zipdive" of the South Africa mesh from aeroworx (eight ~20MB files), I was able to find in the ReadMe for Worx101.zip this description of which file covered what area: "SAM31.bgl will cover the area: S22 to S25." I assume "area S22 to S25" means the area of ZA between 22 and 25 degrees south latitude." I also assume (let me know if not), the files are latitudinal "slices" progressing south as the number increases from 101 to 108.If my assumption is correct, I want all of 101. 102, 104, 107, 108. But I only want a small part in the east of 103, 105, 106. Can this or any mesh file be parsed, i.e., can a .bgl file be divided up and only a part of it installed? I'm assuming not (let me know), but it doesn't hurt to ask. If my assumption is correct, can I install only areas/files 101, 102, 104, 107, 108, and skip the others? Will/should that work properly in FS9?Finally, some mesh makers direct users to get rid of all other mesh, use their mesh only (e.g., the various sources of NZ mesh). Some encourage users to have underlying (lower LOD) mesh as buffers to reduce tearing (e.g., Holger Sandmann). These instructions seem inconsistent. Is there a dependable rule here?And what about VOZ? Can you or can't you add to VOZ? Mesh, landclass, objects? If so, how? Sorry I broke the "one topic" rule. But it's all related. I'm asking these questions because free space on HD is getting dear. Regards.Rob

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