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On August 9th Eastern Airlines Virtual (EAV) will celebrate its twentieth year as a virtual airline.  This anniversary will support Eastern’s claim as one of the oldest virtual airlines in existence. 

Eastern was started on August 9th, 1998 by Jonathon Baylor and Bill Morris along with a handful of people (several of them that actually worked for the real world Eastern Airlines) wanting to expand their hobby of being PC Pilots.  They started with a few planes and a dream to build one of the best virtual airlines in the world.  Later, they opened hubs in Miami, New York, D.C., Atlanta and San Juan and several others to serve the virtual skies.  Over the years, Eastern has increased its fleet to over 33 aircraft ranging from traditional Eastern planes with the iconic “hockey stick” livery to modern aircraft with new paint schemes with more planes to be added in the near future.

Eastern’s longevity can be accredited to Eastern’s Senior Management being committed to “making the airline fun for pilots” with an eye toward real world airline operations.  Eastern pilots receive their flight assignments through a Hub Manager along with the equipment to be flown.  With real-time tracking of pilot flight statistics and an award system for flight hours, tours and service time just to name a few.  With no hourly minimum required to fly the larger and more complex aircraft, brand new pilots have the ability to fly multi-engine jets immediately.  With all of the successes that EAV has had over the past twenty years, the founder’s original dream has been realized.

So, join us at http://easternairlinesvirtual.com to help us celebrate 20 years as a virtual airline.

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