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Guest Jonas69

Dear SimBrothers (& sisters?..)HELP!I recently bought GroundEnvironment & FlightEnvironment. Being a predominantly VFR low/slow-flyer, these packages did wonders to my late nights, transforming my virtuel world.BUT! ARG! 2 weeks ago I re-installed FS2004, and spent hours adding all add-ons, only to realize that GE now doesn't work: After also re-installing GE and running it, nothing changes in FS2004. There's no indication that it has any problems copying textures (also appearantly backing up original files correctly), but when I start FS2004, there's just default FS-textures.I've tried re-installing GE again and again (including downloading & installing the 1.08 update), but with no effect. Now, I'm starting to loose it...the computer could be going out the window soon! I just want my lovely GE textures back. Flying with default FS-textures just isn't an option anymore.Please, is there anybody that can help me? (Or know how to get through to Flight1? These guys do outstanding software(when it works!*S*) but seem to be totally incommunicado?)Yours truly, but worried,Jonas

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