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New Pilot Center and Pilot Features

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Southwest Virtual Airlines (www.wnvirtual.net) has given it's Pilots even more of a reason to fly with us, and you should, too!

Within the past two (2) months, Southwest Virtual Airlines (www.wnvirtual.net) has released a brand new Pilot Center, boasting an array of features that make your Flight Selection, Planning, and Submission much easier and quicker (so you can fly more and sooner), as well as a broad range of other Flight Options so you're not just flying scheduled routes from airport to airport, you have a say in where you go and when.

If you like to use SimBrief, you're going to love Southwest Virtual Airlines. We have teamed up with SimBrief to provide a customized Flight Release package which not only helps you plan your flight, it provides you with detailed information and visual aids regarding your flight, flight route, and weather. You also have the option to look at your past SimBrief releases (generated by Southwest Virtual Airlines).

We have also built-in the ability for our Pilots to now fly Charter Flights from any airport, to any airport, so long as it is in our database (which contains 44,523 airports) using any aircraft (Boeing 737 series or not). That means any United States or International Destination could be your next departure or arrival, you have the control.

If you love the Boeing 737 series, you'll be happy to know that Southwest Virtual Airlines now employs a Maintenance Program that follows the real-world Southwest Boeing 737 maintenance schedule. This means that you get to view a report on your aircraft and you can fly a Boeing 737, requiring maintenance, to one of our Maintenance Facilities (based on real-world), expanding your Flight Options even more.

How about those Hawaii schedules we keep hearing about? Southwest Virtual Airlines (www.wnvirtual.net) will be the FIRST Virtual Airline to enter these flights into service, guaranteed. We are excited to have access to these schedules, already, and we are excited to publish them for our Pilots.

This is also the best time to tell you that we love to share your successes, which is why we have whole section dedicated to Statistics - From the Top Landing Rates, to the Most Fuel Efficient, to the Highest Profiting, you'll know where you stand and what you need to do to climb to the top of the boards.

If you are interested in a Virtual Airline designed for the brand-new Pilot, or the most experienced Pilot, you have found us. Our name is Southwest Virtual Airlines and you can view our website at www.wnvirtual.net

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