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I give up!

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Could someone show me the steps to get from cold and dark to getting the navs to align.

I have followed the steps in the normal operations PDF that comes with the FA50 but cannot get the nav to align or get the MFD to come alive.

I have power to the aircraft via GPU. Batteries are on and showing in the green.

I have to use F8 - Systems to get everything up and running.


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Posted (edited)

You have to switch on the avionics master switches on the upper Overhead Panel where the Fuses are shown. The Switches are marked with LH AV Master and RH AV Master. After that you have to go to the side panel direct under the left cockpit window on the left side and select the switch and rotate it to NAV mode. The IRS alignment is immediate done the normal alignment process is not simulated.



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