Heads up -- RC3 is out now

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Installing it now, will be up in the air shortly!


Edit:  Took the latest release candidate for a shake down cruise, no quibbles, better lighting of runways for night landings, which I love to fly from time to time since my first GA flight was a night flight in 1979 with a well known fellow high school graduate, Doug Brambrink, who was famous for getting his Pilot's license in Napa before he got a car, and the local media wrote about him.  He is still a cool dude, same as my age, still flying....  His fine low time handling of his aircraft is why I got into general aviation and flight simulation, and flight lessons, flight simming starting 1984 after I returned from a month in Europe, reading about FS2 in US News and World Report, which they said at that time was the most purchased software in the computer industry, we all went out and bought it, most of us in our 20's.  My flight lessons started in 2006 and my interest in Xplane started in 2017, when I had a computer with just the right power to run it the way I wanted to.  I had bought Xplane10 but it just did not compare to FSX, Xplane11 was different and to this point I have found it to be at least P3D's equal, and superior to the new sims coming out. 

It's Strengths:

Atmospherics, looks like the view from the flight levels down to ground level.

Landclass, much more detailed and true to the area you fly in.

Mesh, High quality and very good, except for Guilin China, they do not have it right there, the modeling of the Karsts..

Flight models, especially the 172, the Cirrus and add-on developers.  Folks complained they were not true to FSX.  I feel like Xplane can model flight dynamics much better than any sim, especially copters which do not fly right in P3D, in P3D they take too much of a nose down attitude, inherited from FSX.  I have flown in Real Copters, Bell, Robinson, and the Eurocopter and they do not take such a nose down attitude.

Replay.  Like it much better because all replays are recorded as you fly and you can choose to save them or not.  They also take up less space than P3D's Replays, much less space...

Settings, All you need is available to you, I only changed one Nvidia setting by turning Threaded Optimization on.  P3D and Xplane both thanked me for it with better performance

It's Weaknesses

Weather--mainly clouds and cloud shadows, not as good or volumetric as P3D, you cannot have cumulonimbus clouds in the sim

That's about it for me


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