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I am a regular in the screenshots forum and I get many suggestions from members here on what to add to Xplane11.  I just recently added the VSkylabs Gyrocopter and Mini 500 Copter.  Then I stretched it a bit, my last payware purchase for the next couple of months, by getting their Eurofox.  I have flown aircraft in that general category in real life, since 2006, and I can vouch for their extreme accuracy in modeling not only the 3D visuals but the flight model and sounds as well.  It takes off like its cousin, the Kitfox, which I flew out of Provo Utah, like a Rocket and can climb over 7000 feet on full fuel and full load with no problem.  They have the Taildragger Version, Tundra Tire Version, and Tri Gear version.  The crosswind handling is right on the mark, and the aircraft for me simulates, in chop, the feeling of a real life Microlight down to the letter. 

There is no autopilot, this is a VFR, Bush type aircraft, meant to be flown away from congested areas, in my case in the open desert near my photoreal Arizona Ortho Scenery, which stretches from Arizona up the California coast to San Francisco, Reno Nevada and a bit of Northern California.  It gives me four hours of range in hand flying this lil bird, about my limit.  It is a stick and rudder aircraft all the way, forgiving, and harmonized in the exact manner of the Eurofox's cousin, the Kitfox I have flown. 

My CFI told me he felt dope and fabric aircraft were safer in a crash than all metal or metal/fiberglass aircraft.  He proved himself right when I saw his 601 Challenger on my local News Channel, crashed in the desert with a crumpled wing near Lake Pleasant in Phoenix.  But he did the right thing, found an engine out area, came down and were it not for a road sign his engine out aircraft would have survived 100 pct intact.  But the crumple zone did what it was supposed to do, it saved him and his passenger from injury, as he said it would, absorbing a high G impact with the road sign.  He and his pax were home that night and I was able to call him that night to report what I had seen on TV, recognizing his plane, and that he was OK.


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