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Landing the XP11 Bonanza V35 w/ REP properly

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Don't know why the XP11 V35 has no specific forum here... actually it looks like NONE of the XP11 planes have a specific forum here. Anyway, if anyone else has this plane, and has the REP addon from simcoders, have you been able to land this plane without bouncing? I can't figure it out. I either am too fast and bounce, or am too slow and bounce. The non REP version doesn't have this problem. I am coming in at 70kts like the reference material says too, but on the flare it's always either too hard a drop and causes a bounce, and if I try to soften it by not flaring as hard I also just keep bouncing because the plane doesn't want to stop flying. Also it seems I have to trim a crazy amount down elevator or push the yoke really hard down to keep the nose down when landing at full flaps which feels really weird and makes it harder to pull the correct back pressure for the flare.

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