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Leslie Jarrett

Innovation at Alliance Airways

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Alliance Airways Virtual Airline   http:alliance-airways.net  has a tour product that is unique within the Virtual Airline world.

The tour director Mr Leslie Jarrett developed the concept and implemented the tours into the airline toure catalogue 

The tours are known as  HUB360  and let me explain what a HUB360 tour does.

Many Virtual Airlines have what is known as hubs to which pilots associate themselves , these maybe the airport in thir local country or just a favourite airport.

What I drew up as a concept as it does not exist  was to create a unique tour experience based around each of the airlines hubs for example EGLL London Heathrow being one of the hubs.  Now if you look at the many meanings of the word hub you will get that a hub is the centre of a wheel and that the rim of the wheel is a circle which is 360 degrees 

So the name was born HUB + 360  and if you add the ICAO code for each of teh hubs you get say  HUB360EGLL  as the tour name.  Normal Virtual Airline tours consist of a number of legs that have to be flown in order to complete the tour.  So we start the HUB360 tour design with the centre of the wheel and then progress as follows 

[1] from hub to an airport approximately to the NORTH of the HUB

[2] from the NORTH airport around the rim to an airport approximately to the EAST of the HUB

[3] from the EAST airport to the HUB

[4] from the HUB to the EAST airport

[5] from the EAST airport around the rim to an airport approximately to the SOUTH of the HUB

If you follow this then {3,4,5} are repeated for the SOUTH airport and then a WEST airport and then to the NORTH which finishes with just a [3] as it already has done a 4 and 5  att the start.

Thus you have 5 airports for the tour but with routes to and from the hub and then onto the next airport 

it is very popular with our pilots with nearly 120 badges already issued for the tours.

Hope you enjoyed this insight and if you fly on x-plane 11 you are welcome to come and join us and fly these incrdible tours 

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