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Hardware Issue?

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Hi guys


Recently installed P3D v4 and having stuttering issues, blue terrain when I look out the side windows, and just overall performance not that great. 

My Addons are as Follows

Orbx Base, Europe, Scotland
Active Sky

But at the moment, I am using just P3D and PMDG NX for testing, no addons


My rig is

970A-DS3P Main board
AMD FX-8350 Overclocked at 4.8ghz (Liquid Cooled)
32gb DDR3 2200mhz Ram
2TB 7200rpm HDD
2 x RX 580 Graphics Cards 8gb (Not Crossfired) 1st Card is running 2 screens at 1920x1080, 2nd card runs instrument displays 2 @ 1366x738 and 1 @ 1440x900

All P3D settings are as default, and I'm getting 25 - 30fps at EGPH runway. If I pause the system, I get avg 130fps

Even if I don't overclock the card or board I get about 18fps.

Latest test was to run p3d on a single display @ 1920x1080 and have no other screens with anything set other than windows desktop, not much improvement on FPS

I have just formatted windows 10 Pro and installed P3D, no other software I installed. 

Any help, I'd be happy to let someone help with remote connection. I expect this PC to perform better. I ran "Can you run it" it scored 97 out of 100

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