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FS Crash to desktop

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Hey fellow virtual pilots,I'm having some serious FS problems all of a sudden randomly! I just flew a great flight on ASA28 KSEA-KORD today with FS9 running perfectly with no complaints. then I decided to clean up my hard drive after I landed...I deleted several old freeware planes i never used and I used FlightSimManager to help clean up my sceneries and check for missing gauges on planes etc. Basically sorting through my FS crap and then I uninstalled a bunch of useless programs i found under control panel -> add or remove programs, that looked like nothing but spyware. So here I am tonight at 1:50am trying to get an all night red eye flight set up and when I boot up FS, the splashscreen loads, the typicall SceneryAre.13 msg that says it cant find the amsterdam scenery comes up (always has for the last couple months), so i click ok and about 30 seconds later boom. Desktop... no error message or anything. I check in the task manager to see if the processes are still running and sure enough, FS just magically disappeared! So I've restarted and changed the ways I boot my cpu and still FS keeps crashing to the desktop every time I load it before I can reach even the main menu. What can I do!?!?! Someone please help b/c I dont want to reinstall 6gb's of addons and FS all over again because I doubt that they'd work fine this morning and now cause problems. The major thing I uninstalled today was Ultimate Traffic so i dunno...Please help me guys, I want to get back up in the cockpit asap! Thanks!

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