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Comparison of forums and FSX

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Second post here folks, so forgive me for being a "new guy." I thought as a worthy followup post to Phil's "FSX:Today and Tomorrow" topic, I would give my ideas of how forums and games work, specifically in how this forum itself is going through it's paces.I have been a forum moderator/administrator for well over 5 forums and going on for several years. I have seen topics range from outright rants to brown nosing. I would like to give one my my recent dwellings on a forum as an example to how things are happening here....The Official Elder Scrolls Forum at the release of TESIV:Oblivion was a cesspool of flames, rants and other various discussions about dev team decisions to performance issues. I have seen many other forums react in the same way, but the similarities between the launch of FSX and Oblivion are striking in how history is being played out.There are generally several different topics that I would like to point out that make it onto this forum, and DID make it onto TESF (and others.)1) People complaining about performance issues with high end hardware. While FSX takes this a step further, thousands of people complained about the same exact issues while demanding their money back, demands of dev team patching as well as threats of petitions (which never were fully realized.) I notice no difference here.2) Highjacking of threads. How many times have you read a positive thread about how x person liked x parts about FSX and some random person butts in and says something along the lines of "FSX is crap and MS is in it for money." No different than what happened over at TESF (The Elder Scrolls Forums). Don't bother fighting it folks... the people that really want to be annoying will continue to be so, the people that want to fight it will continue to do so, and it will continue to be a revolving ball of crap. Imagine in those old cartoons when a character gets into a fight and suddenly the dust ball catches several other people... it happened there and it IS happening here. Ignore it, as I promise no matter what you say it won't go away.3) People complaining about design decisions. TESF had a lot of accusers saying Oblivion had been "dumbed" down compared to previous versions of the game. Much like FSX, every installment has different and new features, which some forum goers take as "dumbing down" the game itself. The simple reality of it folks is that companies MUST reinvent themselves in order to continue providing a product for you. While in the past (and currently) I have had my issues with some game developers doing this, I assure you the changes such as Missions along with other things was in the best interest of the consumer AND the company. They must put food on the table and continue to bring you new releases. In order to do that they MUST seek new fans to the series.4) Priveledged few claiming their experience gives them better understanding and/or giving internet falses. While in some instances this CAN be considered true, many times people spout of tons of information regarding their experience in a particular field which makes their statement seem more important. Frankly, who cares. Even in this small topic I made mention of my background on forums as well as comparisons of other forums. To put it bluntly it could all be a lie. What matters is whether or not you enjoy the product. If you enjoy it, continue to enjoy it. If not then seek the proper venues to express your opinion. Forums are a great place to do that, but regardless of your "experience" which is always in question on the internet, how about quelling the situation in the first place by giving "constructive criticism." Below are two examples of what I mean:"I hate FSX, the game runs like junk and I want my money back.""I am displeased with how FSX runs on my computer, however I do appreciate some of the new features such as the Garmin 1000."Both portray the same message, but only one will pre fan the flames. Think before you type folks, it could save EVERYONE a bit of time and mental strain.Anyways, I have been rambling. I am glad to now be a member of AVSIM and I continue to look forward to the many interesting articles as well as participate in ongoing discussions that I feel need addressing. I hope that if you read this far you consier what I have said and look at yourself and your forum habits before hitting that "post message" next time.Good luck and happy flying,-Cody

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