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2 GB of RAM seems to do the trick in FSX....

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Well at least for me. I had 1.25GB, but still couldn't quite get things as high as I wanted without getting stutters at the detail level I was desiring, with 2GB I can now run scenery at extremely dense, with high quality settings and full cloud density, even in major areas (including Seattle). Seems to only require 1.5GB, at which point RAM is no longer my weak point, but the little bit extra was enough.Just did a couple of really fun flights, first from Boeing Field to KPDX (Portland) then from Portland to KSFO.While the failure system still has it's limitations (though radically improved in FSX), I do fly with 1 random failure per section set to 600 minute period - actually noticed just before push back from Portland I had a hydraulic pump fault which appeared at some point while sitting at the gate after the first flight, but no worries - still flew anyway (since no more failures in that category! lol - probably wouldn't meet MEL requirements for a real flight). But fun anyway, nothing else broke on the way to KSFO, which wasn't considering I had to do a go around too (wish they would upgrade ATC to keep everyone in line on approach!) :(Though I do still desire proper random failures - I saw someone post before you could do it in a guage through the SDK - since I'm a software engineer, perhaps if I get a chance I'll look at learning some of the intracacies of the SDK so I can make things like that, but for now the built in failure system will work, and adds a nice element now they have more realistic engine failure modes.KPDX to KSFO was interesting, hit some major clear air turbulance and wind sheer between 26,000 and 30,000 feet - really love the new weather effects, very realistic - in fact at one point, G force jumped down to +0.3G and up to +1.2G (quite some bumps!!! Reminds me of some transatlantic flights I've done for real! LOL). Had to have ATC clear me up to 35,000 feet before the sick bags ran out!Anyway, just thought I would share, I'm enjoying FSX and it's looking and performing well on my fairly middle of the road (P4 2.8GHZ HT, ATI Radeon 800XT, 2GB RAM system) - really had fun with those couple of flights, made even better that I had to do a totally zero visibility landing using ILS in Portland.Off to fly again in a few, once I've caught up on the forums of course! :)

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