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The Positive Wilco Airbus Thread

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There are one or two other threads that just kick the snot out of Wilco for their recent Airbus release, so I decided to not interject a more positive tone there and would appreciate leaving this thread positive please . I have a different view on things. I used their 737 package for FS9, loved it. I have their Legacy CRJ updated to FSX, love that too. And now, I happen to like their new Airbus series. Nobody has ever released for any MSFS product such a nice little A318. At any rate, the Wilco Airbus works very well for me. Is it perfect? Far from it. And by the way, my computer is high end. I'm using a duo Cor E6400 on a ASUS P5 Deluxe with 4 GIG Ram and a Nvidia 7800GT PCI Express. Is 50 bucks (approx.) too much for this package? Yes it is too much, but not because of the package. It's because for 50 bucks I expect better download rates. 30-40 kb is awful and I hate that, but that is what Wilco does on all their downloads. The other thing they do is hide. They have no forum to air problems or report greivences. Their support system oft times does not work for folks. For those two problems, 50 bucks is way to much. Now to the plane. I loved the PSS Airbus when it came out years ago now, but you know what? I could seldom ever get the ILS to kick in for apporaches, and I mean seldom, you had to finesse the FMC somehow, I never learned how. I could never get the thing to fly-by-wire down the ILS following the green crosshairs with the reticle even when the ILS choose to work either, very irritating. This new Wilco does both very well and that is so much fun. I don't even have to have a flight plan in the FMC, just enter the ILS freq. in the NAV RAD section to the FMC, the ILS turns on and down you go to the runway manually following the crosshairs. Yes there are problems. The APU sound loops with a large irritating click. The VC textures do not cycle smoothly, they take too long to load. The thorttle detent sounds are ridiculous, wish they would go away. There are some click areas of the VC which do not work properly or difficultly. The Privat A319 concept and model is genius, wonderful, just like it's Legacy private liverty counterpart, but somebody forgot to put in a texture in the bulkhead in back of the pilot's seat on my installation leaving what looks like about a 30 inch gap in the fuselage to the outside world, perposterous!Yes, via the other threads I am aware that the FMC database is likely not perfect either and I would not like it if my favorite airport was not properly represented. Will I be buying one or both of the Airbus products that are due out sometime this year from those other two companies? You bet I will, but for now, I choose to enjoy a less than perfect and yes, overpriced package that I am, nonetheless, having a lot of fun with and bide my time.Randy Jura, KPDX

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