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Found a difference between FSX on Vista RC1 and Win XP ...

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Hi,This is a follow up to an earlier post I made about a "buzzing" noise I heard using FSX and Vista RC1. That post got moved to the hardware forum, but I wanted to share some of my findings here in case somebody else runs into this issue.I had mentioned how I started hearing an odd buzzing noise (some times) when using FSX on Vista RC1. I did a ton of research and did see some history of issues related to power management in Vista (needing to set to full performance), and also about utilities to keep the CPU from going into a lower power state.I tried several combinations of display settings, and what I found was that when I started taking everything (and I mean everything, which is not really the way I fly) to the max (right), I would start to get the buzzing noise all the time. Furthermore, I found that the noise occured more in the 3D panel, some times in the 2D panel, and basically never in external views.I started moving individual settings up and down and what I found is that if I moved the Autogen up, I started getting the noise again.This morning I decided to reformat my drive, reinstalled Windows XP with SP2 and only FSX. I then loaded a flight and put every slider to the max (right) - and there was no buzzing noise.Obviously since I'm running Vista RC1, I'm assuming there might be some differences between that version and the retail version. My retail version of Vista is arriving today. I have the "current" video and sound card Vista drivers from ATI and Creative (they no longer say beta), but I'm sure those will all be tweaked.This evening I'll reformat and install my retail version of Vista and FSX and see if I get the noise again (even with the case open and basically "sticking my head in it" I had trouble identifying where the noise was coming from).My machine is about 5 weeks old: ASUS P5B Deluxe motherboard, Core 2 Duo E6600, 2GB OCZ 800MHz dual channel RAM (4-4-4-15), Audigy LS sound card, ATI X1950 Pro (from VisionTek), two 300GB SATA drives, a cheap DVD ROM, Antec TruePower Trio 650 watt PSU, and an Antec Nine Hundred gaming case with tons of big fans.In short, I'm saying that my equipment is new so I doubt a fan is failing - perhaps it was the video card that was making the noise, but the interesting thing (I actually feel good about this since it most likely means it's not an equipment issue) is that under XP SP2, I don't see these issues.Yes, I'm sticking with Vista, and I'll work to find out what the problem is.I'll let you know if going to a retail version solves the problem for good.~ Jim

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