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Field of View/Perspective in FSX for accurate scenery v...

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Hi,Firstly I don't have FS X installed (I don't have a PC to install it on yet either -:) but I am scoping a project for a high-end flight simulator for my home and need to get a few basic Q's answered before I decide on FS X or X-Plane. I hope to use FS X as the scenery for my area (Japan) is much more detailed and there are a few scenery add-ons for airports here. The simulator panel will be a SimKits TRC472 Panel (pre-assembled) which is modelled on a C172 - this will be from Since its a full instrument panel I won't be using the virtual cockpit on the display.For the outside scenery I want to use an LCD or Plasma flat panel monitor/TV or rear projection TV. I can't consider normal projection as I don't have the physical space. Herein lies the questions. Since I'm trying to achieve an accurate field of view and perspective in the display I need to scale the display correctly in terms of resolution, distance from the eyepoint, and "pure scene fill" (my term for a huge display with no physical overlap lines like multi monitor bezel obstructions). I have to admit complete ignorance on FS X but could anyone help with the following questions please?1.) In FS X can I adjust a given field of view to a given resolution (e.g. 40 degree FOV = 1900 pixels)? If not is there a fixed value to assume (e.g. 47.5 pixels = 1 degree)? Does this vary according to airplane (e.g. Cessna 172 vs. Beech Baron etc.). 2.) If I want to achieve an accurate field of view with a single monitor can this be done with one of the high end HDTV screens and if so what resolution is required? My ideal screen size is 60 inch. which would basically fit the whole width of the panel.3.) My other option is to resort to using dual 30" computer monitors - each 2560x1300. Would it be safe to assume I can drive these at decent frame rates and decent detail with dedicated nvidia 8800 cards with a lot of memory on a single very high spec quad core PC? If I go this approach how can I adjust the 5120 pixel width to represent an accurate field of view as seen from the panel? Is there any software out there that will adjust/align the perspective to compensate for the bezel overlap in the center (for example Matrox has a utility to do this for their dualhead2go product).4.) Lastly I need to keep the budget for the displays and scene generator PC to under $12,000 approx. - can anyone recommend the best setup for that budget? Again my main goal is to achieve a realistic/accurate field of view and perspective within a single screen if possible that fills the entire width of the panel (46"). Frame rates and scenery detail are a secondary priority but it would be nice to have the eye candy as well -;)Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!--Brett

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