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My Solution to Blurries and Stutters

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My apologies for starting yet another thread on this subject. However it is somewhat difficult to decide under which heading to add my observations.I have been following all the discussions re FSX and SP1 and all the various problems people have been having with great interest.Here is my story and if it helps just one person then job done.I had FXS with Gen X scenery running very well PRE SP1 with no blurries or stutters. I looked forward to SP1 as I thought it would make things even better for me. However that was not the case. It was awful and no amount of tweaking made any difference.I decided that the solution was to go BACK to my original settings WITHOUT SP1. Well easier said than done.I removed both SP1 and FSX from add/remove in the control panel.However after several attempts at re installing FSX I kept getting the SP1 cfg file. So obviously removing SP1 from the add/remove in the control panel did not work. I did wonder whether the original download was corrupt so I downloaded it again overriding the first download. At the end of the download it starts to extract something to somewhere [don't ask me what that is all about] at that point I pressed on cancel and low and behold the download finally disappeared and I was able to do a clean install and getting the original cfg file from the DVD.After several days of tweaking I managed to get everything back to pre SP1 and all was well.I then wondered what would happen if I were to apply SP1 tweaks to my cfg file [remember that now I do not have SP1 loaded]Well I have a blurry and stutter free sim with all views sharp and clear, including the Gen X scenery.These are the tweaks I have entered into my cfg file.Texture Band Multi 4000 [YES 4000]Fiber Frame 0.25Buffer Pool 2500000Procspeed 2200 [which is the speed of my CPU]Perfbucket 6Affinitymask 1 Texture Max Load 1024I have added the resized textures by Bart Dylkiewicz but nothing else.I run Ati Tray Tools set to max speed and all the settings within the sim at max.I normally fly the RealAirC172 which works perfectly well in FSX. However all the default aircraft work fine.I have frame rate set to unlimited and average 50 [it just seems to work best at that]I do not have any Ai aircraft or vehicles as flying on line they do not play an important part.My SystemASUS A8N-E MotherboardAti RX800 TD256E Graphics CardAthlon 64 +3200 CPU [overclocked 10% 2200 Hence the procspeed setting]3GB of Kingston RamWell there you go. I hope that this will help someone.Try going back.

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