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To ryanbatcund - fps over Dallas with LevelD

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ryanbatcund,The thread got locked by NotASenator, which was a good descision. Your question was:>Out of curiousity, what FPS do you get in large cities>(not like NYC huge but like Dallas or Atlanta) with >the LvlD....I can't see you getting more than 30 >with high - higher settings...I made a quick & dirty test with both the default C172 and LevelD 767. The important display settings was:* No bloom* No scenery shadows* Normal autogen (I've reduced the amount of trees with TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=2000)* Water textures 2.x low* Mesh 19m (use FSGenesis)* Scenery complexity Extreme Dense* No AI aircraft.* Ground traffic 12%I disabled UT USA to make it easier for people without UT to compare the fps.Standing still on Love rw:* Default C172 2D = 68 fps* Default C172 VC = N/A (forgot this one)* LevelD 2D = 34 fps* LevelD VC = 24 fpsFlying over Dallas on 3000 feet (120 KTS with C172 and 260KTS with LevelD (yeah I know, I know)):* Default C172 2D = 58 fps* Default C172 VC = 55-57 fps* LevelD 2D = 32 fps* LevelD VC = 24 fpsComments:I zoomed out in VC to make sure that a lot of gauges was drawn on the screen.Flying with 260kts over a city like Dallas and with scenery complexity set to Extremly Dense, FSX has a hard time to update textures and autogen and still my second core isn't working full time and I get good fps.Here is a picture taken from LevelD VC (not in full size and some parts cut). B :-)

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