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FSX/FS9 Add-On Developer's Standardization

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This post may go no where but I thought I'd give it a try.I will speak for myself when I state that there now needs to be some level of standardization with FSX/FS9 add-on developers. This statement is not meant to be disrespectful, mearly helpful for all. I get very frustrated after purchasing product X only to find it doesn't work with or has never been tested with product Y. I am also sure developers get tried of emails or forum posts, either asking about or bashing their product for lack of compatability with other FS add-ons. Sure, I could search for the information, post questions on numerous FS forums, or email the developer directly, but why should I? Ok, maybe to clarify a particular statement but surely not for indepth compatibility testing. How would you put all that into a email or post? Maybe there is a behind the scenes or transparent group of developers that share ideas and freely offer their product to other developers for compatability testing. If this group exists, it needs to be in the open with the company names visible.So, I am asking AVSIM to schedule and sponsor an initial round table discussion at the next AVSIM Conference in November. The initial meeting's adgenda can focus on setting up a standardization structure and where add-on developers can discuss how to move FS add-ons foward with the least amount of frustration for themselves and the user. They can call the group whatever they want. Maybe the "Brotherhood of Flight Sim Developers" or whatever.For those against this idea, you are free to state so. The whole idea is for purchasers of FS add-on products to be able to know that their next purchase has been tested and works with what they have previously purchased. Nothing more, nothing less, and definitely not to stop developer X from selling products. If you look about, I'm sure you will see the same idea all around you. I welcome your responses,SD

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