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Acceleration/SP2 and verified CTD with specific FS2004 scenery

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Acceleration/SP2 has been well-behaved and an overall positive experience for me on my system, with only two issues; one of which has been curable (the altered handling of alpha layers which causes opaque windows or prop disks on some FS2004 aircraft). This is fixable by creating a proper (dark) alpha layer for the prop disc or window textures in question.Another issue, so far, is something I'd like to tackle and I've confirmed that it's directly related to some FS9 scenery I very much like to use. This is object scenery (not AFCAD or mesh) from FS2004 and is a whole series of various scenery (if anyone is familiar with the Anomaly Airways scenery by Doug Kibbey, typically at, that's what I'm talking about).This scenery has always worked in the RTM and SP1 versions of FSX with only some minor texture issues. However since installing Accelleration/SP2, FSX cannot succesfully start a flight anywhere in the general region of this scenery when it's activated in the scenery library. FSX will load the textures, weather, traffic, etc and then quietly and quickly dump to the desktop at the point at which it would display the aircraft. If I start far enough away, sometimes I'll see the VC but when the aircraft starts flying or I switch views, it CTD's.Disabling the scenery resolves the issue fully and there are then no problems starting and completing a flight.I'm simply wondering if anyone else has run into this and, if so, what has been tried to resolve it? Also, given the experience with texture issues on some FS2004 aircraft, I'm wondering if it's possibly related to texture formats used in the scenery (meaning I could be able to fix it by altering the texture formats, hopefully). I believe the sceneries are using plain or extended bitmaps.Any input (please?) or shared experience is welcome. I haven't seen this directly mentioned in any posts since I have an ATI vid card and am on XP, so I don't have menu bar crashes or any of the other stuff.Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the matter...?Erich

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