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my FSX benchmarks

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Hey everyone,First off, I'm sorry if this thread is already here... its 1230 and I did some searching but couldn't find it. So mods, move it if ya have to.I finally got time to do some benchmarking: was able to systematically bog FSX down, and see what really kills it...a few interesting observations 1. Autogen has less impact than scenery 2. Scenery has more impact than autogen 3. Scenery with autogen doesn't have the "aggregated" impact I thought it would 4. AI alone (low scenery/autogen) has a big impact, but... 5. AI with scenery and autogen doesn't have the aggregated impact that I expected, AI didn't move it much 6. Resolutions don't have much impact 7. WOAI is suhweetIt looks to me like scenery/autogen are the bottlenecks, but I'm not sure if its because of the CPU trying to calculate, or if the GTX doesn't have enough muscle. What I found really interesting though was that scenery had a much more impact than autogen (~10fps), but both on together was about ~15 fps. I'm not really sure what to make of that.My machine is:core2duo E6750 @ 2.67ghz (not overclocked)4gb RAMnvidia 8800 GTX169.28 drivers (they were beta)I use WOAI, I have XGraphics and GEX installed.AA/AF were set in the nhancer panel (There's two tests with that as well)Tests were in DX9FSX on a separate drive, defragged, etc before the start.Each test was done by reloading the flight.The chart itself is easy to adjust the settings, you can see the impact of every setting you change.Hopefully this will help people find a happy medium.I didn't have time to test the LOD impact, and things like that, I also wanted to test it on SP1, and compare it to this one (SP2). But I don't have the time for a complete reinstall.But maybe someone can explain or derive some better conclusions from the results.But it did help me pick some new settings for my machine (Benchmark 6, with a higher mesh/texture resolution).Feel free to use the chart for your own testing. I used the right here at avsim.Enjoy St.Patties!

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