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A Little Trick I Just Learned ...

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Subject: Using a mirror copy of an object as a guide for symetrical sides.I am working in Gmax, and trying to get the curves of a Lancair fuselage as close as possible to the real thing. This has been quite a job. A good portion of my work has been working vertex by vertex, pushing a little here and there to get them in the right place. I figured if I got one side done, I could then mirror it and voila, two matching sides. Well, mine didn't work that well. The sides matched, but the texture did not blend well one side to the other. There was a distinct division line down the middle. Darker on one side than the other. This would never work. (Pic Attached)Well, there is pobably a fix for this, but, in thinking of a quick way around this problem, I happened onto a neat trick, at least for me. I had a copy of the original body (one side good, one side bad), and a second copy of the mirrored body (the split personality).To have a guide of where the bad vertices on the original copy needed to be moved to, I merged it with the split copy. It was very easy to pick out the bad vertices. I selected the original fuselage, set the snap to "vertices", then simply snaped each vertices of the original to the correct location on the split copy. After a few minutes the original matched the split. Then I deleted the split copy, and NOW I have a symetrical fuselage.As I mentioned, there is probably a fix for the texture problem, but for me, the more important thing was to learn a way to use a template as a guide in placing points. (By the way, if you know the texture trick, please let me know. I'd like to know that one also.)LaterBob C.Oooops, sorry the text turned out crappy.

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