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Mach gauge comparrison: different readings!!????

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Hi everyone.I've noticed that when comparing various Mach gauges for useage in a panel i'm working on, they differ somewhat in their reading of exactly what Mach I'm travelling at. The plane i'm working on is Trans-Hypersonic, so it's only when i start to travel very fast that the errors between the gauges becomes noticable..... But even at Mach 1 plus you start to see the errors...)The three Mach gauges are:Concorde default Mach GaugeX-15 freware Mach gauge from the panelThe MFD from the default 777 panel. (Showing Mach bottom left corner)As I start to accelerate, I begin to notice a discrepancy creep in between 3 different gauges. So much so, that when I'm flying at Mach 4.55 according to the Concorde Mach gauge. The little Mach number in the MFD is only showing Mach 4.51 It gets worse!!... I popped in the basic Mach meter from the panel that comes with the X-15 recently released... This was WAY OUT in the opposite direction!!!I.E. Concorde gauge showing M 4.55 ... X-15 gauge showing M 4.66 Whats going on?? Surely mach is gained from a centrally running sim variable??? (Thus all numbers should be the same?) Or do gauges like these, allow the creator to input whatever formula they like to calculate mach? If so, this is crazy!!... If not... what the heck is going on!???During the above, the IAS & Groundspeed were the same values. (So it's nothing to do with flying at different airspeeds by mistake.)Bare in mind also, that I had ALL three Gauges on the panel at the same time.. with all three showing the different readings simultaneously.Most important question is: WHICH GAUGE is CORRECT? Or at least the closest to being accurate?I even see this slight type of error with air pressure gauges..... One gauge could be showing 29.92, whilst another gauge, (again on the MFD) is showing 29.91 !Does anyone have an answer to this is Mach gauge issue?Al

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