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MAXSript 4 MIRROR about the X axis.

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GreetingsHere is a little MaxScript for gmax that will take your selected object and mirror it about the X axis as you often need to do for wings, wheels, elevators and such. The "normals" need no adjustment using this script.COPY FROM THE NEXT LINE-- clone the originalactionMan.executeAction 0 "40213" -- save current X value as aa = $.pos.x $.pos.x = -1 * a -- position on the opposite side of the origin -- Time negative 1 does it everytime-- **********************************************************-- * YOU MUST SELECT a OBJECT BEFORE RUNNING THIS MAXSCRIPT *-- **********************************************************modPanel.addModToSelection (MIrror ()) ui:on-- *************************-- * RESamuelson July 2004 *-- * NO COPYRIGHTS HERE *-- * ENJOY *-- *************************COPY TO THE ABOVE LINEHow do you get it into gmax?In the MAXScript, select New Script... MAXScript.......New ScriptPaste the section above into the NEW SCRIPT.Save the NEW SCRIPT with a name of your choice.Select/hi-lite all of the text in the NEW SCRIPTCLICK/DRAG (left mouse button down) to the tool bar location of your choice.An icon will appear that looks like text. RIGHT click on this new icon. Select EDIT BUTTON APPEARANCE. Fill in your blanks for the tool tip, select an icon of your choice and then click OK.This ONLY works for objects about the X axis in Gmax.DO SELECT YOUR OBJECT BEFORE EXECUTING.Regards,BobSSeems the rage to talk about the "size and speed" of each others computer. Beat this if you can for solving novel/unique problem anywhere in the cosmos. ..Have K&E and know how to use it!

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