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Guest HC001ST - Stick

Unable to stop looping DirectSound with this code.

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I've got this:

// BOOL32 audio_warning_muted;  // Defined globally in multi-gaugeFLOAT64 FSAPI	lrrpm_cb( PELEMENT_ICON pelement ){	double	rrpm = pelement->source_var.var_value.n;	MODULE_VAR r_rpm = {TURB_ENGINE_1_N2};	lookup_var(&r_rpm);	rrpm = r_rpm.var_value.n;	if (rrpm < 90) {				// Warning condition true		low_rrpm = 1;		if ( audio_warning_muted )			(GaugeStopSound)("lrrpm");		else			(GaugePlaySound)("soundBenchmark.B206B3LowRotor.Loop.wav","lrrpm",1);	}else{		(GaugeStopSound)("lrrpm");		// RRPM Normal (turn off Icon)		low_rrpm = 0;		// Reset audio mute		audio_warning_muted = 0;	}	return FALSE;}// Low Rotor RPM Warning ON bitmap as an icon.// This icon must be invisible when loadingMAKE_ICON(		lrrpm_on_icon,				BMP_LOW_ROTOR_ON,				NULL,				NULL,				IMAGE_USE_ERASE | IMAGE_USE_TRANSPARENCY | IMAGE_USE_BRIGHT | IMAGE_HIDDEN,				0,				0,0,				TURB_ENGINE_1_N2, 				lrrpm_cb,				ICON_SWITCH_TYPE_SET_CUR_ICON,				1,				0,				0 )PELEMENT_HEADER		lrrpm_on_icon_plist[] ={	&lrrpm_on_icon.header,	NULL};// Low Rotor RPM Warning OFF bitmap is the background.MAKE_STATIC (	lrrpm_off_icon,				BMP_LOW_ROTOR_OFF,				&lrrpm_on_icon_plist,				NULL,				IMAGE_USE_ERASE | IMAGE_USE_TRANSPARENCY | IMAGE_USE_BRIGHT,				0,				0,0 )PELEMENT_HEADER	lrrpm_list	= &lrrpm_off_icon.header;

which is the relevent part. Other parts are all tested, and working.Here is the gauge call back using gaugesound.dll

void FSAPI lrrpm_gcb (PGAUGEHDR pgauge, int service_id, UINT32 extra_data){	switch(service_id)	{		case	PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_INSTALL:			break;		case	PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_INITIALIZE:			//Register the click sound with FS when loading the panel			if (MGaugeSound == NULL) {MGaugeSound = LoadLibrary("GaugeSound");}			//bg_element = (PELEMENT_STATIC_IMAGE)pgauge->elements_list[0];			GaugePlaySound = (TGaugePlaySound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugePlaySound");			GaugeStopSound = (TGaugeStopSound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugeStopSound");			TerminateSounds = (TTerminateSounds)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"TerminateSounds");			break;		case	PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_UPDATE:			//Now show and hide the switch bitmaps by showing and hiding the icons			if ( low_rrpm )			{				// LOW ROTOR WARNING LIGHT ON				SHOW_LISTELEMENT(pgauge->elements_list[0],1);			}else{				// LOW ROTOR WARNING LIGHT OFF				HIDE_LISTELEMENT(pgauge->elements_list[0],1);			}			break;		case	PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_DRAW:			break;		case	PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL:			//Unregister the sound when unloading the panel			MGaugeSound = GetModuleHandle("GaugeSound");			if (MGaugeSound == NULL) {MGaugeSound = LoadLibrary("GaugeSound");}			GaugePlaySound = (TGaugePlaySound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugePlaySound");			GaugeStopSound = (TGaugeStopSound)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"GaugeStopSound");			TerminateSounds = (TTerminateSounds)GetProcAddress(MGaugeSound,"TerminateSounds");			(TerminateSounds)();			FreeLibrary(MGaugeSound);			break;	}}

You'll note that I am using the background as the "off" bitmap, and a single MAKE_ICON for the "on" condition. The ICON works per the parameters, and I've verfied the BOOL toggles, but for some reason, I can't shut the sound down.Any ideas?Thanks

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