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Why gauge controllers fail on AI aircrafts...

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My answer is that msfs does not load them for AI planes at all. Correct this if I'm wrong. Pls also confirm this if it is a known issue.I downloaded some nice xml gauges as exhaust effects controllers, and made some others by myself. After installed, they works fine for user-flied aircraft, but not for the AI's. First I thought it's my fault(I'm totally a newbie in xml, though a old-fashioned c++ guy), while later I noticed the original xml controllers got the same result, and it seems that fs is saving memory spaces by skipping dll/xml gauges of all AI flied planes.For example, if your xml gauges borrow recognition light channel for the auto-regulation of the engine heat shimmer/smoke effects, you'll see the effects are always turned on by AI aircrafts, after push-back and before engine shut-down. While for those who borrow SystemSmoke channel, there are no effects shown on AI aircrafts. Same thing for using wing lights. No matter how hard you tune the gauge files, they have no effect on AI, since they are not loaded for AI.As a proof and test, you can modify/rename/delete an AI aircraft's xml gauge files(make a backup if you're really doing it) when it's flying, while you cannot do that to the user's aircraft due to file-sharing conflict, for it's gauge files are being accessed by fs.

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