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Making canopy open and close in planes that allow it using a XML gauge

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Hi all,Reason for question. I have a nice F18 that I fly as well as use as AI,since it flies well, and has operative landing lights, nav lights, and gear action. PROBLEM: The plane always has it's canopy raised. Ovbiously this is a bit frustrating, to see the canopy always open while the plane is in air.So does anyone know what XML code would force the canopy to lower when the aircraft is used as AI?*** If I load the plane to pilot it, and I hit the SHIFT E keys, then the canopy will raise and lower. So I know the canopy action works in this aircraft.The logic behind the following is to see if I can trigger the canopy to open or close based on the value of the battery switch. I know the boolean test works for this electrical master battery, because if I replace the case actions with say a bmp image(one off, other on), the on bmp image will light up when I click on the main battery switch. A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY,bool) (K:MAIN EXIT OPEN) (K:MAIN EXIT OPEN) OK. I am in the cockpit. I go to external view. Canopy is closed. Go back to cockpit mode. Turn on the power switch. Go to external view. The canopy does not go up, nor when in cockpit mode do I see A MESSAGE SHOW UP ON THE SCREEN SAYING .....EXIT OPEN.I have tried to replace the K:MAIN EXIT OPEN with:A:CANOPY OPENK:CANOPY OPENK:CANOPY CLOSEA:EXITK:EXITA:KEY TOGGLE AIRCRAFT EXIT K:KEY TOGGLE AIRCRAFT EXITNone work. My hope is that I can find the proper code that will allow the aircraft when used as AI, to close the canopy once the aircraft is activated by the flightplan to fly somewhere. I assume sensing a electrical buss value or say TURB ENG1 N1 => 1 for instance would be good things to use as the value to be tested.Also. Please bear with me. Would the solution perhaps be to have a XML gauge that sensed bus power then, I'll use the term echo,a SHIFT E key sequence to the simulator? In hopes that that might lower the canopy in the AI aircraft? IF the anwswer is yes. Could someone be so kind as to instruct me how to write the code that would "echo" a SHIFT E to the simulator for the AI aircraft after it gets powered up?If my explaination is not understandble I am quite willing to re-word it to try to get across what I am attempting to do.Any help would be appreciated. George

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