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Guest adameke777

First attempt at sound gauge

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I'm trying to produce a gradually changing gear wind sound using Jose Oliveira's code ( DxSound ). Here are the code snippets.MODULE_VAR airspeed = { AIRSPEED };MODULE_VAR gearhndpos = { GEAR_HANDLE_POS }; PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_INSTALL:if (InitDirectSound()==S_OK) { LoadWaveFile( 0 , "Soundwind_general.wav" ); } PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_UPDATE:lookup_var(&airspeed);lookup_var(&gearhndpos);if (gearhndpos.var_value.n > 0) PlayBuffer( 0, 1 ); Eventually I plan to do something like this:if (gearhndpos.var_value.n > 0) { ChangeVolume( 0, some_function_of_airspeed ); PlayBuffer( 0, 0 ); }Eventually, because as of now no sound is played. Where should I start debugging ? Is there a way to include the wav file as a resource ? BTW, right now I have ZERO resources in this:MAKE_STATIC ( gws_static, NULL, NULL, NULL, IMAGE_USE_TRANSPARENCY, 0, 0,0 )Also, I keep getting compilation error about no type definition in this line of fs9gauges.htypedef (*GAUGE_KEY_EVENT_HANDLER) (ID32 event, UINT32 evdata, PVOID userdata);I changed it to :typedef void (*GAUGE_KEY_EVENT_HANDLER) (ID32 event, UINT32 evdata, PVOID userdata);but I'm not sure wheather this is correct (it doesn't make a difference in this gauge).

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