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Guest darrenecm

Pilot Controlled Lighting feature control?

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Guest darrenecm

I've had an idea for a possible guage control but am not yet familiar enough with the panel SDK to know whether the variables are available to allow it.In the real world, at some non-controlled airports, I believe there can be a Pilot Controlled Lighting system available. This allows the approaching pilot to turn on runway lighting by a series of microphone clicks whilst tuned into the Unicom frequency of 123.00. Does anyone know if any link exists in the SDK that will allow airport lighting to be controlled by a gauge control or module? It would make for an interesting feature. From what I've seen of the SDK though I'm fairly convinced it's far too limited to allow this, but I thought I would ask the experts here :)While on the topic of airport lighting I'd also like to take the opportunity to quickly quiz you all on something. Between scratching my head as I try and get to grips with the panel SDK I've been delving into the more technical aspects of FS2004 flight by trying my hand at IFR approaches. I'm dabbling with NDB approaches before moving on to VOR and I usually set poor visibility (1 mile) and the cloud deck at 800 feet. I then see if I can get to an airport and be in a reasonably good final approach position by using NDB approach plates as I descend through the poor visibility conditions to become visual. However, I'm unsure of something.I notice that airports with precision approach runways have the Approach Light System (ALS) that extends from the threshold some distance into the approach path. This helps greatly in low visibility conditions for precision approaches so that you can become visual early. However, non precision runways do not seem to have the ALS system and all I tend to see first is the VASI, which isn't great for judging runway lateral alignment. Is there supposed to be ANY runway lighting in low visibility conditions for non-precision runways besides this VASI? I've also noticed that the runway edge lighting is not lit at all on non-precision as well as precision approaches. Can anyone clear up just how FS2004 handles airport lighting in low visibility conditions during daytime hours and whether there is access in the SDK for controlling this lighting?Thanks- Darren

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