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Guest ridgell

window studder problem.

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Guest ridgell

i need help with a window studder problem.background; i am useing a 'c' hud gauge that uses window swaping to change colors. for the sake of accuracy to the panel the switch/knob to change the color is on a side panel. there is also an on/off switch located in still a different view panel. this arrangemet makes what would otherwise be a straight forward problem a bit tricky.(L:lthing,bool)is the on/off switch(L:hbright,bool) governs bright or dark hud ( which window to use)when the hud is turned on or off or the color is changed, it can not be done directly becuase that change is done in a window other then the one containing the hud. i have a controler gauge that determines the status of the on/off & bright/dark and then waits until the view is forward to insure the hud display corrispondes to the settings.the control gauge works. the act of turning the hud on is seemless, as is turning it off. cnanging the color(swaping windows) studders.i see in the control gauge that there is a built in studder of 2 cycles to complete a change of color. but as close as i can determine ( it happens so quickly) i am getting 4 studders to complete the change. i would like to offer up my code and see if someone might be able to find the hole or shorten the cycle count. (L:lthing,enum) 0 == if{ (L:dsd_window_status_1,bool) if{ 01 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) } (L:lthing,enum) 0 == if{ (L:dsd_window_status_2,bool) if{ 02 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) } (L:lthing,bool) if{ (L:dsd_window_status_4,bool) if{ (L:hbright,enum) 0 == if{ (L:dsd_window_status_1,enum) 0 == if{ 01 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) } (L:lthing,bool) if{ (L:dsd_window_status_4,bool) if{ (L:hbright,bool) if{ (L:dsd_window_status_2,enum) 0 == if{ 02 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) } (L:lthing,bool) if{ (L:dsd_window_status_4,bool) if{ (L:hbright,enum) 0 == if{ (L:dsd_window_status_2,bool) if{ 02 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) } (L:lthing,bool) if{ (L:dsd_window_status_4,bool) if{ (L:hbright,bool) if{ (L:dsd_window_status_1,bool) if{ 01 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) } as the gauge stands i see that if i turn off the wrong hud it must come back through to turn on right one. in prctice though it is taking more then the one time back through. any insight would be appriciated. im not emotially attched to my code. if some one sees a simpler or better approach to the problem..im all ears.dougs window status gauge makes the otherwise impossible possible.winodw4 is the forward view. window1 is the dark hud window2 the light one.this is half of the control gauge...because i am a glutton for punishment the minipanel also has a hud. the other half of the gauge is a cut and paste copy of the code above with different window parameters refleting the minipanel rather then the forward view.the worst studder is changeing colors then going to the minipanel where it has to comply with the colors in the main view.

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