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Basic Modelling Strategies

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Hi guys.I've been fiddling about with g-max for around a year now but keep stumbling on basic modelling techniques to give a good visual result.I've attached a screen capture of the model I'm working on at the moment. My question is, which is the suggested best method for creating the wings? The method I have employed is to create seperate spline profiles and shape merge them to both sides, then extrude the resulting polygons to form the wings. I then used the boolean cut method to cut out and form the ailerons.In creating the tail surfaces, however, I did these as separate objects and left them "floating " in position without attaching to the fuselage in any way. I also used this second method for creating the main wheel fairing, although I did then attach it to the fuselage, but have not welded any vertices between the fairing and the fuse.Now, I'm not happy with the way the wing fairs into the fuselage. Also the boolean method for cutting the control surfaces gave very unpredictable results and made for a very long job in tidying up, it's not yet right.Finally, I've applied NURMS with 2 iterations to the poly model as it's seen here, but by the looks of the various models I've downloaded and been able to examine it looks like NURMS is not generally used.Any comments anyone can offer that may improve my techniques or simplify the process while yielding better results would be appreciated. Thanks & regards,Grant W.

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