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Guest dnunez_za

FSDSxTweak - add bump/specular to FSDS projects

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Guest dnunez_za

Hi all Over the the FFDS forums, we discussed before how to do specular and bump maps in your FDSDS generated .x files, by hand editing. See http://www.aerodynamika.com/cgi-bin/yabb/Y...?num=1195423977 for this discussion. Anyway, hand editing is a pain, and not feasible for any normal project. I decided to write FSDSxTweak, a tool which would inject the bump map and specular information into the x files, allowing you to easily add them in. All you need to do is define a config file, export the .x file from FSDS, process it, and then compile the model using XtoMdl. Currently FSDSxTweak only adds the bump and specular map info, but it could be expanded to include other useful .x file tweaks - I guess it depends what the community would find useful. I have uploaded the file to AVSIM (http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=112766&CatID=fsxutil ), you can search for it under FSDSxTweak, or by my name (Dave Nunez). I have tested it with a complex model (my starship, which is a 3MB .x file), and it produced a file which xtomdl happily compiled. It needs more testing, I am sure, but I am a little busy - if you find a bug, please email me. Below is the readme file from the program, in case you want the specifics. FSDSxTweak v1.0©2007 Dave Nunez (david.nunez@uct.ac.za) This tool aims to allow Abacus FSDS users (from version 3.5.1 onwards), to add certain features into their models which FSX permits (such as bump mapping), but which the FSDS interface does not allow. It is designed to be used from the command line, allowing it to be integrated (via batch files of whatever) into your workflow, with as little human interaction as possible. FEATURES:Currently, FSDSxTweak can add the following into a .x file: 1. Bump map filename - you can add a bump map filename to a material2. Specular map filename - you can add a specular filename to a material USAGE:FSDSxTweak has no interface - it is called form the command line only. It only operates on .x files (in FSDS, use the 'Export .x file' option in the file menu), and outputs a modified .x file, which can be compiled with XtoMdl, which comes with the FSX SDK. FSDSxTweak takes the following command line arguments, in the following order (you MUST use this argument order, and no arguments are optional): FSDSxTweak If you run it with no arguments, it pops up a reminder of the arguments and their order. The config file describes the changes to be made (see below) - you can define one for each project, or one for the exterior model, and another for the interior model. PLEASE NOTE that FSDSxTweak will OVERWRITE WITHOUT WARNING the output file (there is no 'file exists, are you sure? dialog, as I assume that you will use this program at the end of your build process, just before compiling your model). CONFIG FILES:FSDSxTweak requires a config file, which stores the tweak to do to the .x file. These config files are similar in structure to the aircraft.cfg files, so the format should be familiar - each file has a number of sections, whose names are in [square brackets], and parameters for that section are listed underneath. You can see an example of a config file in example.cfg. The following sections can be in your config file: 1. Texture tweaks - you can have numerous texture sections in your file. Each is called [texture.0] for the first one, [texture.1] for the second one, and so on. Each texture section MUST have the following parameters: identifier= - this is used by the program to search through the .x file and find the appropriate material. Each texture section can then have the following optional parameters (i.e. you can have just one of these, or all, but only one of each) bump= - this will be inserted as a bump map entry into the material specular= - this will be inserted as a specular map entry into the material HISTORY:v1.0 - initial release Legal:This file is freeware. It may not be distributed without permission in any form. Permission is granted to upload it to any site which allows free downloads. The software is provided as-is, and the author does not accept any liability with regards to its use.

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