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Guest BFG

Displaying popup windows in original size

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Guest BFG

I have a popup gauge that lives on a 1024x400 bitmap. I would like the popup to appear at this resolution, irrespective of the resolution that is set in the display options for the sim.My panel.cfg has the following entry:size_mm=1024,400pixel_size=1024,400position=6gauge00=GaugeX!Chart, 0,0,1024,400This works fine, as far as the size of the popup is concerned. No matter if you're in 1024x768, 1280x960 etc... the popup displays in 1024, leaving the bitmap as crisp as can be.However, the window position is off. When in 1280x960, it displays the gauge in the correct size, but not in the bottom left corner. there's some space below it, as if the gauge is being displayed in 1280x500, but the contents are at 1024x400.I think the problem is with the size_mm=1024x400. I need to find a way of getting that value to match the sim resolution, which is impossible. Is there any other way to get the gauge to display at the bitmap resolution, and have it positioned correctly (6=bottom left corner)?

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