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Stressed out over overstress

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Guest fbnweoghnwd

I'm making an FSX helicopter based on the R-22 flight model. When you go into a steep dive and reach a high speed, the controls become ineffective, and you plummet to your death. In itself this isn't a problem; the pilot is simply getting his lumps for exceeding the redline speed. But the effect is not convincing: it doesn't spin wildly out of control, but descends in a perfectly straight line as if it were on rails.What I'd like to do is trigger an overstress when a certain speed or G-force is reached, so that you never experience the unrealistic dive. I read in a post on this forum that you can control overstress in the rec 1101 section of the .air file, but this has no effect. I'm guessing that's because the R-22 ignores this section (which also contains entries for flaps, spoilers, and other things that clearly don't apply).So: is there any way to trigger an overstress in an R-22 based aircraft?

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