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R-22 idling weirdness

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Guest fbnweoghnwd

My heli - based on the FSX R-22 model - will start to do a very slow clockwise yaw while sitting on the ground. No amount of increasing countertorque (by increasing size or distance of the tail rotor) has any effect. It doesn't happen when you first load a flight, but as soon as you add collective then lower it back down, it happens. It never seems to settle back down to it's normal idle speed. Reload the aircraft and it's fine; add/decrease power and it starts spinning again. I did some screwing around with the idle mechanical efficiency scalar and idle friction scalar, but these only seem to affect the idle speed when you first start a flight, and don't seem to affect the idle speed that you get after adding/decreasing power.The only thing that seems to stop the rotation is to hold down F2 for a few seconds, reducing the throttle. Is there any other way to lower the idle speed?

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