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Smoke Effect Problem

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Hello!I am working on a heavy smoke effect, looks like this right now:[Library Effect]Lifetime=5Version=2.00[Emitter.0]Lifetime=0.00, 0.00Delay=0.00, 0.00Bounce=0.00Rate=44.00, 66.00X Emitter Velocity=0.00, 0.00Y Emitter Velocity=0.00, 0.00Z Emitter Velocity=0.00, 0.00Drag=0.00, 0.00X Particle Velocity=0.00, 0.00Y Particle Velocity=0.00, 0.00Z Particle Velocity=0.00, 0.00X Rotation=0.00, 0.00Y Rotation=0.00, 0.00Z Rotation=0.00, 0.00X Offset=0.00, 0.00Y Offset=0.00, 0.00Z Offset=0.00, 0.00[Particle.0]Lifetime=5.00, 9.00Type=19X Scale=0.80, 1.10Y Scale=0.80, 1.10Z Scale=0.00, 0.00X Scale Rate=0.40, 0.90Y Scale Rate=0.40, 0.90Z Scale Rate=0.00, 0.00Drag=-4.00, -3.80Color Rate=0.23, 0.55X Offset=0.00, 0.00Y Offset=0.00, 0.00Z Offset=0.00, 0.00Fade In=0.00, 0.00Fade Out=0.55, 0.87Rotation=-220.00, 220.00Shade=1Face=1, 1, 1[ParticleAttributes.0]Blend Mode=1Texture=fx_1.bmpBounce=0.00Color Start=50, 50, 50, 250Color End=100, 100, 100, 0Jitter Distance=1.05Jitter Time=10.00TempK=106.00TempRate=-0.05uv1=0.50, 0.75uv2=0.75, 1.00X Scale Goal=1.60Y Scale Goal=1.60Z Scale Goal=0.00Extrude Length=15.00Extrude Pitch Max=25.00Extrude Heading Max=25.00The problem is that if I have a speed of about 250knt, it looks like little clouds and not like a trace!Does anyone now how to fix that?Thanks a lot, Isra

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