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Guest Calb

Gauge Numbering Anomoly

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Guest Calb

I'm in the process of "XML-izing" Milton Shupe's Dash 7 so I can use it in FSX. . . coming along nicely, thank you.I thought I should share something odd I ran into (odd to me, that is). The Main Panel gauge numbers go all the way up to 124. When I started this project, I REM'd out all he gauges that FSX doesn't like by placing a double-slash at the beginning of each one which also serves as a guide to the gauges needing replacement.I haven't been replacing them in numerical order -- but rather, I've been doing the easy ones first to get familiar with XML gauge programming.Today I was working on #122. No matter what I tried, I could not get my replacement to appear, nor would a known good one.As it happens, 90 thru 93 are REM'd out and then 94 thru 119 are okay in their original form. 120 thru 124 are REM'd out.To make a long story shorter, I changed the number of my new gauge to 93 and bingo, ...it appeared but changing it back to 122, it was gone. Hmmmmmm.I did some experimenting and I found that if I REM'd out #100, any number higher no longer appears. On the other hand, if I REM'd out #99, everything is okay.So, my conclusion is that gauge numbers starting with 100 *must* be in an unbroken sequence. Otherwise, any numbers higher than the missing number(s) will be ignored by FSX.If this phenomenon isn't already known, I hope this heads-up will save someone else a lot of time and frustration that it caused me.Cal - CYXXVE7LZZ

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