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New way to create tick marks

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Guest fbnweoghnwd

I just made a new tick mark generator. I'll be posting it to the Avsim library soon; in the meantime you can get it here:http://www.mickposch.com/flightsim/fs_freeware.htmIt's a file that comes in 2 versions - for Gmax 1.2 and 3DS Max 8 or higher - which you use is strictly personal preference. You edit the start and stop keyframes of a revolving tickmark animation to suit your needs, specify how many ticks you want in the inbetween positions, then just take a screenshot into your paint app.A little Gmax or 3DS Max experience is helpful, but not required. Hopefully it might make life a little easier for the programmers who have helped me out so much on this forum.

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